Frequently asked questions

How does Smokeless work?

Smokeless is a system that consists of three components: The Smokeless XQuit app, the compatible inhaler and liquids.

The inhaler is used to administer the liquids, which are pre-filled in capsules that are inserted into the inhaler to be vaporised. The inhaler records your individual smoking habits and transmits them to the app via Bluetooth. Based on this data, the app creates your own personal cessation program and tells you exactly what to do and when to do it in order to become smoke-free. In addition, the inhaler restricts your access to nicotine step by step via a special function. Little by little, you consume less nicotine until you are finally at zero and nicotine has completely disappeared from your body.

The app-based cognitive behavioural therapy represents the main component of the Smokeless therapy which you can also use stand-alone in a manual mode. The inhaler is simply a tool to help capture the smoking behaviour fully automated and gradually reduce the access to nicotine using market-standard liquids.

How long does the programme last?

The Smokeless program lasts 90 days.

What is the Smokeless XQuit Inhaler?

Basically, the inhaler is a device for vaporising liquids. It produces smoke that mimics the smoke produced when smoking a tobacco cigarette.

During use, the device records your personal smoking behaviour and transmits the data to the Smokeless XQuit app. The Smokeless XQuit Inhaler therefore acts as a means of fully automatic data collection.

Another function is fully automatic reduction. The Smokeless XQuit Inhaler has a special function that allows your access to nicotine to be successively reduced.

Is the Smokeless XQuit Inhaler a regular e-cigarette?

The technological basis is similar, but the Smokeless XQuit Inhaler has functions that far exceed those of e-cigarettes. The Smokeless XQuit Inhaler can collect data on personal smoking behaviour and share it with the app, as well as fully automated reduce the access to nicotine.

Smokeless is clearly not intended as a substitute, but as a tool to support the app-based behavioural therapy. As such, the device is considered a medical product and is at the moment undergoing certification as a class IIa medical product.

What are Smokeless XQuit capsules?

The Smokeless XQuit capsules contain liquids that are vaporised using the Smokeless XQuit Inhaler.

What kind of liquid is it?

The capsules are filled with commercially available liquids that are approved as tobacco products according to TPD2. At Smokeless, quality and safety are our top priorities. For this reason, only pharmaceutical-grade nicotine is used in these liquids.

Does the liquid have a special effect?

No, the liquids in the capsules are regular tobacco-products that are consumed as such, i.e. for the purpose of enjoyment. There is no special effect for smoking cessation. Your cessation is not achieved by consuming the liquids itself, but by restricting your access to it and thus helping you to reduce your nicotine consumption to zero.

What is the Smokeless XQuit App?

The Smokeless XQuit app is the part of the treatment unit that helps you kick your bad habits. It is a behavioural therapy programme that builds on the basic principles of a smoking cessation and smoking reduction programme. The programme uses a variety of behaviour change methods that have become more sophisticated in recent years.

How does the Smokeless XQuit app work?

The app allows you to collect data about your specific smoking behaviour. Based on this data, the programme is customised for you. You are told exactly what to do and when to do it in order to be smoke-free after 90 days. For you, this means that you have no extra effort. You simply follow the instructions in the app.

How does the program work?

The Smokeless program consists of 6 different levels: Introduction, Analysis, Adaptation, Reduction, Focus and Finish.

At the beginning of the program, you will familiarise yourself with Smokeless as part of the introduction. This is followed by a 7-day analysis phase. During this analysis phase, your smoking behaviour is recorded. This data is processed by the Smokeless XQuit app into a personalised program that you will follow over the next few months. The analysis phase is followed by the adaptation phase, which serves to familiarise you with the new situation. After successful adaptation, the reduction phase follows, which serves to gradually reduce the nicotine intake to zero, but also to reduce the habit and frequency of smoking. Finally, the focus phase is about the complete cessation or elimination of your habit. The last level - the final spurt, ends with complete freedom from smoking.

Am I allowed to use Smokeless?

This product is not suitable for:
• People under the age of 18
• Pregnant women / nursing mothers
• Persons with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes and/or lung disease

These persons are excluded from use.

Is Smokeless medically tested?

The Smokeless XQuit App is a CE-certified Class I medical device according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.
The Smokeless XQuit Inhaler (incl. capsule) is intended to be a medical device class IIa, which is in development phase and not yet CE-certified.
The Smokeless liquids are stimulants according to TPD2 already registered in Germany.